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Prospect Electronics ensure that your requirement maintains consistent quality, a low lead-time, fair price, and efficient delivery through continued improvement on every order.
Quick responses
That’s why our client service includes a quick reply to your request, and a search that begins immediately. In fact, you can rely on our search experts to respond to your part requests within 24 hours but usually much faster.

Personalized service
Personalized service with attention to detail.Frontier IC’s staff of trained professionals is dedicated to learning about our customers and encourage creating an open dialog to understand your needs and better serve you.

Competitive pricing
Our goal is to help you improve your business operations with an effective flow of the necessary parts you need to keep building.

On-time delivery
We are able to immediately respond to their needs with reliable electronic components and computer products delivered in a timely fashion.

Quality Control
Inspection Process
Quality Assurance Program guarantees parts meet rigorous internal quality standards and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements.Our extremely thorough incoming and outgoing inspection processes are tailored to customer requirements.

Trusted Sources
Based on Aisa , we understand local market and have strong relationships with regional suppliers - meaning your component procurement options just got that much broader. Experienced search experts are extremely reliable as well as knowledgeable to distinguish which offers come from reliable suppliers. We only source quality components from solid reputation suppliers.

12-month warranty
We’re so confident in our processes and services that we offer a 12-month warranty for every order.

We are confident to be you reliable part in your electronic IC component supply chain.

Prospect Electronics, a reliable manufacturers' supply chain partner, will focus on your long-term needs and interests.

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